Consultancy for writing project proposals and implementation of European projects

The present experience in European projects is aimed to increase our client’s capacities in the area of accessing and managing projects funded by the EU. We honor our clients with excellence in EU project proposal writing and project implementation. We know that managing European projects is not easy at all, therefore we try manage accordingly to a very specific set of guidelines all of the EU investments made outside of the EU. After discussing with our client, all project details are settled by our project team, in terms of legal, financial and administrative aspects, budgeting, grant preparation and submission, project management and auditing.

We take time to explain our clients the concept of a ‘grant’ and how to successfully complete a grant application form. In order to implement the latter, clients must be able to design and undertake project-based work.

“The formal requirements (of the EU) are extensive, and the procedures are demanding. But it is a skill like any other. The first time is tough, but when you understand the logic and system of project proposal writing, each time will be easier. It should also be clear that for writing a well-researched, high-quality project proposal you will need at least two months – six months if you are a beginner”.

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