Hardware & Software Maintenance

In terms of hardware maintenance, ITD Hardware Maintenance Services provides experience in:

  • Offering the right support for our client’s hardware assets
  • Minimize costly downtime and protect against outages
  • Accelerate recovery

Out support team handles our client’s problems in an efficient and effective manner, following a task completion plan in order to respect the client’s need. In terms of problem and modification analysis process, this is executed once the application has become the responsibility of the maintenance group. The maintenance programmer must analyze each request, confirm it (by reproducing the situation) and check its validity, investigate it and propose a solution, document the request and the solution proposal, and finally, obtain all the required authorizations to apply the modifications. This process of acceptance modification is a necessary step as we only try to deliver the best results for our clients.  

As software maintenance is generally defined as the process of modifying a software system or component after delivery to correct faults, improve performance or other attributes, or adapt to a changed environment, ITD Software Services team improves performance and attributes, taking into consideration all client requests. The main characteristics of software maintenance offered by ITD are:

  • Perfective – we implement new or changed user requirements in terms of functional enhancements to the software
  • Preventive – we increase software maintainability or reliability to prevent problems that may occur
  • Adaptive – we modify the system to cope with changes in the software environment (DBMS, OS)
  • Corrective – we diagnose and fix errors

In terms of migration process (platform migration), we offer full support. If the software must be ported to another platform without any change in functionality, this process will be used and a maintenance project team will be assigned to this task. At the same time, in case of a retirement of a piece of software, the software team will discuss with the client and find the most suitable solution.

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