About us

We`ve been designing smart IT solutions by providing intelligent technologies for small businesses to big corporations and entrepreneurial start-ups since 2008. 

Our mission is to empower companies with intelligent technologies and next generation web solutions that help them work smart, using all the resources, tools and information they have.

With every project and challenge we have grown into a complete web solution provider counting on the experience and skills of each high qualified, talented and creative member of the team. Inteli Tech Development is not only an IT company, but also a place where individuals can express their ideas and creativity working to provide innovation and smart solutions.

We always get an eye out for what`s coming next!

Knowing that a strong relationship with you is the key of a great project and a satisfied client we strive to give our best.

You can count on us to meet your expectations and needs by delivering projects from concept to completion. From beautiful, scalable, cutting-edge websites, apps and platforms, to web design, business automation services and IT and hardware support, we deliver you a complete web solution and experience.

Inteli Tech Development develops SMART companies through intelligent technologies that optimize processes and activities and support productivity growth.


Why to work with us?


Highly skilled and multilingual team

Because we set high standards when it comes to delivering the proper solution to your business, our team brings together a bunch of abilities and competences in web development, graphic design and consultancy.

Agile software development

We create software that offers you an agile transformation and the chance to stay in business. By adaptive planning, fast delivery, quick and flexible response to change we identify the opportunities and turn them into challenges.

Added value to your business

By bringing together competences and expertise our team creates innovative software that can intelligently be improved and used in other future projects of your company. Our solutions are not only for the present, but also for your further development.

Customized solutions

Embracing your ideas we intelligently turn them into a complex software solution that best meets your needs and expectations.


Inteli Tech Development core values:

  • Flexibility and dynamism. We are seeking new solutions and technologies to meet the clients needs and the challenges of the changing domain.
  • Responsability. We give our best to improve the life`s quality through innovation, intelligent technologies and cutting-edge IT solutions.
  • Passion and creativity. We value our human resources we invest in and we carefully grow professionals and teams who can make their ideas come true using their abilities.
  • Client oriented approach. We bring a personal and effective contribution to every project we work on, which is why our clients love us and why they keep coming back.
  • High quality. We deliver qualitative solutions to give the customers the possibility to experience an agile short and medium term transformation.


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