Project Management & Consulting

We are the right solution when seeking for assistance for EU funds or National programmes grant funding, project development and project management, providing high-value, high-impact solutions, and measurable, sustainable results.

Our engagement is to honor our clients with excellence in EU project proposal writing and project implementation, settling all the details and managing them intelligently until the success. Each project is unique, with its own personality and is approached by us in a personalized manner to successfully meet your expectations.

We take time to explain our clients the concept of a ‘grant’ and how to successfully complete a grant application form. Therefore, we engage to identify EU funding opportunities that are appropriate to the size, status, and mission of our clients, preparing project proposals, which are robust, credible and well presented, developing effective partnerships for project-based work. 

After discussing with our client, all project details are settled by our project team, in terms of legal, financial and administrative aspects, budgeting, grant preparation and submission, project management and auditing.

We take care of the deployment of the project in terms of complying with the requirements settled in the proposal. Also, we offer support in monthly reports. By following sound and simple financial management advice, the experience of having to report on EU funds can significantly strengthen our client’s long term capacity for transparency and accountability.

Also, we create online platforms and websites to best fit to the needs and requirements of the client`s project (project websites, reporting platforms etc).


What we offer to our clients:

  • Consultancy in accessing EU funds
  • Proposal writing, consortium building, stakeholder outreach
  • Support during the implementation period
  • Project management software.


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